The justice system can be very stressful and intimidating.

Having an experienced attorney such as Doug Dailey is necessary to help you wade through the confusion of the legal system and guide you to a positive outcome for your case.

At Dailey Law, I want you to know that I’m are here to aggressively protect and defend your rights and we are dedicated to bringing about a successful resolution. I focus on exceptional service, ethical treatment and aggressive representation.

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DOUG M. DAILEY is originally from Mitchell, South Dakota. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota and his law degree from the University of South Dakota (1996). He is a member of the American Bar Association, the South Dakota Bar Association and the South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association. In addition to being admitted to practice in the State of South Dakota, Doug is admitted to the US District Court for the District of South Dakota. Doug’s practice focuses on the areas of personal injury, civil litigation, real estate, divorce/family law and criminal law.


Assertive, Effective Legal Representation

I take a hands-on approach to working with clients and realize that the task of choosing legal counsel can be a difficult one. However, I want to make it simple for you. When you choose my firm, you get my full attention. You work with lawyer that has significant experience and a proven track record. I take the time to answer your questions and promote communication throughout the legal process.

Dailey Law Firm Practice Areas

  • Real Estate

  • Business Transactions

  • Family Law / Divorce

  • Criminal Law

  • Estate / Probate

  • Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

  • Civil Litigation / Lawsuits

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect conversations with your attorney to remain confidential. Your attorney should help you analyze your problem, explore possible solutions, and determine the cost effectiveness of various strategies. Your attorney cannot and should not guarantee an outcome. However, you can expect your lawyer to be your best advocate and represent you in a competent, professional manner.
Only personal injury matters have free initial consultations. There is a charge for all other initial consultations due to the value of the attorneys’ knowledge, experience, and time.
Generally, personal injury cases have contingent fees. This means attorney fees are charged only when the client wins. Clients and attorneys typically sign a written contingent fee agreement at the outset of the case.

An hourly fee or deposit is charged for legal services performed.  The amount charged per hour is discussed by the attorney before any work is done.  Bills are generally sent out on a monthly basis, showing what work was performed and how the attorney’s time was spent. There are certain matters that are billed at the conclusion; however, the attorney can usually estimate the fees at the outset and discuss which variables may affect the overall cost.

An attorney may ask for a retainer fee at the outset. You will still receive monthly bills to keep you informed of the work that has been done. When your case concludes, if there are retainer funds remaining, they will be refunded to you.

While it is not required to have an attorney for real estate transactions, a skilled real estate attorney can prevent you from making a mistake that could cause you a lot of trouble and cost you money later.
A will is a document stating exactly how you want your assets to be distributed at the time of your death. If you die without a will, you are leaving it up to state statutes to dictate how your assets will be distributed without regard to your desires or the needs of your heirs.  In addition to a will, our lawyers can assess your financial situation and determine which other estate planning documents, such as a living trust, may be in your best interest and in the best interests of the loved ones you leave behind.
If it isn’t clear to you what kind of lawyer you need for your particular situation, most law offices are happy to respond to inquiries as to whether they can fulfill your need, and, if not, to advise you of the area of law your situation calls for. You should give careful consideration to the lawyer you select. It’s a good idea to speak with several before making a selection in order to find a lawyer you are comfortable with.
It is often wise to engage a lawyer’s services before you have a problem. Preventative law can eliminate potential problems and save you time, money, and worry. You may require legal assistance when you face these, or other, circumstances:

  • You are purchasing or selling real estate
  • You are entering a lease or contract
  • You are getting married (pre-nuptial agreements), divorced, or wish to adopt a child
  • A lawsuit has been brought against you, or you wish to bring a lawsuit against another
  • You have been arrested or charged with a crime
  • You are starting a business, planning your estate or making a will
  • You’ve been in an accident, involving injury to yourself and/or others, and/or there has been damage to property, you then may need a personal injury lawyer
  • You’ve been denied or terminated from employment, or benefits have been denied (welfare, social security, veterans,
    retirement, pension or insurance plan)
  • You are making an application or appeal to a government agency or board
  • You have an immigration problem
  • You believe a doctor, lawyer, or other professional has committed malpractice
  • Your civil rights have been violated
  • You have problems or questions about collection or other financial matters.

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My clients come first. During your consultation, I will listen to your side of the story, and will educate you about your options and the potential outcomes of your criminal defense case.


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